Sunday, July 25, 2010

I adore LA

My visit was fleeting, but wonderful all the same.

How can you not love it. Everyone is always out and about, delicious mexican, wicked shopping, good parties, great music, and killer weather.
Im sold!

I am on my way to Australia.
Leaving the sunshine and summer fun, for the Aussie winter, my family and ridiculously cool friends.
Unfortunately it's not the visit i'd like to be having, but it will be great to breathe my homeland.

I'm flying Air New Zealand. Damn, they are nice. Pretty rare find in this industry.

I gotta get back to loading my ipad with some fun things to watch. Im flying this one old Holly style.

Buy this record. It's so great.


  1. Enjoy your trip. It's always a lovely day when you receive great customer service. I'm blog hopping today. Happy Tuesday, or whatever day it is in Australia. Ha!

  2. Have a wonderful trip.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!