Friday, July 2, 2010

Gambling Woman.

I kick arse at this roulette thing.
if winning $150 in 5 mins and walking away means kicking arse then i do.

I have never really been into gambling at all. I remember as a kid waiting by the table for my Dad to hurry up so we could go home already. I can't say i have fond memories.

We are doing shows at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Is pretty lame unless your into to smoking while drinking and gambling while your kid runs around eating ice cream.
Its also July 4th weekend. I don't think there will be much chilling out going on.

These days my Dad always tells me to put some $$ on his favourite number.
So i did.
About 7 times.
It never came up the entire time i played. Lucky i have my own favourite numbers.

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