Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little ones make life happy.


I am totally being lazy.

I have lots to write about. I just can't be arsed right now.
I am on down time for another week. It feels pretty damn sweet actually.

Check out my photo's until I'm ready to spend the time writing my little stories.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lazy and or busy

I haven't written for both those reasons.

Quick update;
- Tomorrow last show of this tour leg.
- Fly home 3am Sat morning.
- Had a great day off in San francisco. Awesome. What a city. I think we are meant to be together. Mexican food, thrift stores and coffee shops everywhere!
-Day off in Arizona. Lots of Sun. I didn't see any. Got stuck in the elevator on the way to the pool.
- Bad day today. Bad mood. No reason.
- Home so so soon. I would like to spend 2 days and not talk to anyway. Not gonna happen.
- Toronto for MB family time, Juno's, Holly holiday. Visit friends, nice hotel, take a train to Montreal, hang in the city of Canada. Home and then back to it.

Post photo's soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Un- Happy easter...... :(

I thought i was being clever staying an extra night in Seattle and fly to San Francisco today.
Turns out i was wrong.
Of course the plane got delayed, duh Holly. I mean the airport is the perfect place to spend your Easter Sunday when you miss your family.

On top of that yesterday I lost all of my phone numbers, so I can't make any calls.

Thankfully I am flying with a work mate.
She's having a worse day than i am. Sick little love.

No eggs. Not a single egg.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burnt nose hairs.....

Too much wasabi.....
I'm learning to love sushi again, which makes me happy. At some point in the last year i O.D on it. I blame in on the fact i live in Vancouver and the sushi is so damn good.

I survived the snowy roads last night on the bus.
I arrived this morning in Portland sleepy and hungover.

I haven't really been on the drinking train in the last 6 months, so i guess those few too many glasses of wine hit me harder than usual.
I was nervous about sleeping because of the crappy weather we were driving in. I figured a little wine and a sleeping pill would help.

It did. It just hurt a little.

It's easter weekend in Australia.
My family are having our traditional Good Friday lunch. I always remember this time as a kid, because i thought it sucked that i couldn't eat meat. One particular year i accidently did and i felt really bad. Im not religious but my family alway followed this tradition.
I hope my Mum isn't cooking that stinky cod fish.
Eww. I hated that. Sorry Mum.
I wish i was there. I'll miss not waking up to my Cadbury Crunchie Bunny.