Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life as i knew it.

I have been known to be lazy.
Those who really know me (old friends, ex boyfriends, parents, siblings) know this.
Believe it or not, those new in my life might disagree.
Unfortuantly they only see me in my professional facade.
My personal life is a all over the show.
I have been home almost weeks and only yesterday did i unpack my suitcase. Granted, i work a lot and i am totally wrecked whenever i walk through my door, but really??

I have been lucky enough to have my really good friend Ineke from back home staying with me for the last 2 months (not that i have been here for longer than a week). I feel so grateful that she actually made the effort to come all this way. Because, no one ever does right. Everyone is coming to visit.............. I believe intentions are good, but no, they don't come. And thats okay. It's expensive and you have to really enjoy sitting upright for 18 hours.

I will leave her to my lonely apartment again on Wednesday.
MB Crazy Love tour begins.
A week ago, i couldn't wait.
Tour will be like a vacation after the last 5 months................
But today, i don't want to leave my cosy house and the delcious snacks in my cuboard, and all my clothes in my wardrobe and my favourite chair to sit in and read and the freedom to wake up and go to your little cafe for breakfast, and pop up the street and grab a coffee with you buddy.

Im sure once it all begins and i see everyone doing their bit to acheive the same goal it will all be a different story, but for now let me just say..................................
I might be sad to leave Raincouver and all it's boringness.

Sad or Simple

Friday night.
A bottle of water.
Ella on the record player.
Pondering over lifes wonders and worries.
Collecting notes in my journal.

Is this a sad life or one of simple happiness?

I say the latter, but i guess its relative to what you get out things.

Friday, February 19, 2010



I am so happy to have a night in to cook.
I have never made Pea and Ham, so i'm giving it a go.

Smells delicious.

Listening to:

Patti Smith

Friday, February 12, 2010

Future Note-to-Self.

Opening Ceremonies = Probably not for me. Free ticket or not.

If i wasn't sitting next to the person who gave me the ticket, I may have just snoozed in my chair.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A True Creator!

Rest in peace Alexander McQueen.
I will always miss.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What life???

I haven't written for a while, because i honestly haven't had a second to sit down.
France, NY, Chicago, Vancouver (for a day), San Diego, LA.
BIG sigh..........

I am sick.
Buble is more sick.

Today we filmed Ellen, the day before we filmed a series of adds for our Nordstrom Deal, tomorrow morning (6 am) we film MB's new single video.

The weather in LA is shit. Worse than Vancouver. The pool almost flooded the house. ekkkkk
I wish i had the time to get cosy on my couch, drink cups of tea and watch Kath and Kim.

6 am is soon.

Listening to:


Poetry of the deed
Frank Turner