Monday, December 28, 2009

Last day in the country. Last day in the homeland.

I have one day to enjoy sunshine, mums food, dog cuddles, family fights, lame television and cups of tea.
I have to be at the airport in the morning at 7am. My parents live approx a 2 and a half hours drive away. OUCH.

Listening to:

Golden age

Patrick Watson
Close to Paradise

Simon and Garfunkel
Live 1969

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas.

The Visiting Elf

Snowmen made for the Aussie sun

Santa baby

The real tree cut from the paddock

Nap time

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My enemy.

It's attack of the flies. They all want my Christmas dinner!
I will not let them win, especially when it's pavlova time.

How i know I'm in the country...

I am constantly covered in dog hair.

I don't care what i look like ever.

I wear the most comfortable thing i can find.

I have bad cell reception.

Im constantly opening the fridge looking for mum's food.

I smell horse poop in the air.

I drink loads of tea all through the day.

I go to bed early.

My morning alarm is dogs climbing on my head.

I watch bad television.

The morning sunrise from my parents house:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After some delays with the plane leaving Paris, we finally arrived late into Rome.
From the small window of the van i saw some incredibly beautiful things. Rome is amazing to look at. No time to really get to know it beyond the car doors.

I am now in the country enjoying the comforts of my homeland.
Yesterday was so hot my eye lids were sweating. Gross.

I managed to do all of my Christmas shopping in 2o mins. Apparently it's easy if you just buy everyone the same thing.

It's Christmas eve in Australia tonight. Carols on the TV, cribbage, port and presents. It's a tradition in my family that on Christmas eve you get to choose a present to open.
I always pick the wrong one. I think i have been disappointed every year.

Im off to run around the paddock with the dogs and prepare my cribbage brain for battle .

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My latest addiction

So frigging delicious. I will be leaving Paris fat. For sure. I can't stop.

I have spent the last few days in Paris. It's snowing today. I leave for Rome tonight, if the plane is able to take off. I am secretly hoping it can't. It has been a really really busy schedule this time.
I am almost dead.
The sugar from the macaroons is definitely what is keeping me alive

Listening to:

The Noisettes
Wild Young Hearts

Suspension of Disbelief

Friday, December 11, 2009

Australian Promo 09

Sydney sunset/skyline

Sydney Opera House

Me and my view

Ben and i on the boat

Favourite Photo's 2009 - 2

My first time Snow boarding

Ski hut, Vancouver

Buenos Aires rain 09

Amsterdam 09

Oh the Irish.

I have spent the last 2 days in Ireland.
I am so ready to leave. They are so boisterous. And they drink, ALOT. It really doesn't matter what day of the week it is, the streets are flowing with drunk irish men, and women of course. The women might be more full on than the men......

I did witness a few interesting things while i was here.
I saw an awesome violinist busking with a funk band.
I saw a man playing guitar with his feet while playing the accordion and singing.
And i watched from a far Buble be mobbed by 100's of school girls. It was scary. And funny. All i could do was laugh in hysterics at how insane it was. Completely rock and roll.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Imagine this

Life without google.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lucky is often unlucky.

Yes i am lucky to fly via private Jet.

Unlucky they won't let us land at the airport because we are to late and they are closed.

Is it gonna be a hot Australian Christmas this year or another crappy one?

I am hoping for crappy. I am flying from Europe with not a single summer outfit and every piece of woolen clothing I own.

It's not going to be much fun sitting in my thermals on on a hot sunny Aussie day.

My plane playlist:

Maceo Parker

life on planet groove

Dr Hook

greatest Hits

Cat Power

The Greatest



Air Studios

I am sitting in the dressing room at a very famous recording studio in London. Air studios. It's an old church that has been converted to a studio/ performance space. It's really beautiful.

We are playing a really intimate gig for 200 people. It's a radio thing.

Behind the stage is a floor to cieling organ, HUGE.

I just had a moment to myself while watching Buble where i was like Holy crap. This guy is so fricking amazing at what he does, and i am so proud to be apart of it all. He's completely charming everyone, and everyone is losing their minds. Young pretty girls, hipster girls, mums, grandma's , skater boys, dad's, straight men, gay men. I love it.

Flying to Baden Baden, Germany as soon as the show is done.

Whoopi, where's you cushion?

Yesterday was a busy day.

I shook Lady Gaga's hand (TINY), had lunch with Mika (sweetheart), returned a smile to Miley Cirus in the stairwell (butch), chatted with Whoppi Goldberg (awesome), watched Anastacia fall down the stairs (funny), and had to wait behind many doors while the Queen moved through the building (annoying).

Other than Buble and some comedian the Royal Variety Show was just okay.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Royal Variety Show - soundcheck

Watching Bette Milder do her sound check. Its not often I get to see another artist other than MB do a rehearsal, or the actual show for that matter. We normally arrive 5 mins before our stage time, and leave straight after.
Bette was late so we have had to sit through her rehersal before we can do ours.

I am a huge Bette fan. As a kid I would dance to the 'Boogie woogie bugle boy' at any chance I could. But today, Bette Midler = Holy Diva.
A very sweet and polite diva, but 'W
ind beneath my wings' one more time and I will have to push her in the orchestra pit.
Normally I would escape to the dressing room, but today its one of those up this hall, down this corridoor, take the elevator to the 2nd floor, turn left, head around that bend and then your there..... Sigh. Too much effort.

Is it rude to sit on your blackberry while a 64 years old woman sings the shit out of number one song made platinum, pitch perfect??

Tomorrow i will watch Lady Gaga, Mika, Anastacia, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg.... I bet they don't give me goose bumps like Bette did.

Favourite Photo's 2009

Vancouver Sky, Stanley Park

Virgin Festival 09 Vancouver

Baby Violet
Folk Festival 09 Vancouver

Folk Festival 09 Vancouver

Virgin Festival 09 Vancouver

Bird Lady
Stanley Park Vancouver

Travel Adapters

Why can't we all just have the same electrical system all over the world.
Is it necessary to have a different plug and voltage in every different place???

Yes I travel with travel adapters but,
a. i can never find one when i need it,
b. i leave them behind in my hotel rooms and
c. i blow them up.
Not intentionally of course. The appliances i travel with are too power full for the little things. Ugh.
I'm currently scrambling through all of my luggage as we speak. I know i put one back in there before leaving Breman.................

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Being a celiac when traveling is no fun. Especially through out Europe.

Today's diet:
Breakfast - no food, still sleeping.
Lunch - no food, still sleeping.
Dinner - Tomato soup. No flavour, which apparently is how they like it in Germany.


Tonight we are heading to perform on Witten Dass, and then fly out straight after to Blackpool. I have no idea where that is. Somewhere in England.

Listening to:

Nina Simone
Strange fruit

Devendra Banhart
What will we be

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bremen, Germany

After a nice week of in LA with Lily and Jam, pools, wine and road trips, i headed to NY for 2 days.
It was busy times, ended with the Xmas tree lighting in Rockefeller centre, and a quick dash to airport for a flight to Paris and then on to Germany.

We are now in a place called Breman. Its cute. It's cold. There are certainly no bikinis in my suitcase for this trip. It 3am in the morning here. I should be sleeping but i slept there entire plane ride to Paris, plus sometime during our lay over, plus a bunch more on our Paris to Germany leg. And then for 16 hours last night and part of today. Too much sleep.
I did manage to get out for an hour with MB before we started work. We went to the Christmas Market which was really cute. It was like the North pole. Kind of.

I just ordered room service for hot milk and honey. They think i am a child ordering warm milk for bed. Really i am just weird and like to travel with my own chai tea bags. It's some what comforting to know i have my favorite drink in a little package in my pocket.

I must pack for my day tomorrow. My room is a disaster. As usual.

What i am listening too...

This is for everyone who calls, emails, facebook's, sms's, bbm's etc etc, to see what I'm up to and I'm too lazy to reply too.

I always use the excuse that am too busy to talk, but really, i just can't be arsed repeating myself.
My days are often long and exhausting and the last thing i want to do is talk about what i did that day. Especially more than once.

So my plan is to write a short entry every couple of days with some photos so you can keep up with where i am in the world and the random things i am up too.