Friday, December 4, 2009

Bremen, Germany

After a nice week of in LA with Lily and Jam, pools, wine and road trips, i headed to NY for 2 days.
It was busy times, ended with the Xmas tree lighting in Rockefeller centre, and a quick dash to airport for a flight to Paris and then on to Germany.

We are now in a place called Breman. Its cute. It's cold. There are certainly no bikinis in my suitcase for this trip. It 3am in the morning here. I should be sleeping but i slept there entire plane ride to Paris, plus sometime during our lay over, plus a bunch more on our Paris to Germany leg. And then for 16 hours last night and part of today. Too much sleep.
I did manage to get out for an hour with MB before we started work. We went to the Christmas Market which was really cute. It was like the North pole. Kind of.

I just ordered room service for hot milk and honey. They think i am a child ordering warm milk for bed. Really i am just weird and like to travel with my own chai tea bags. It's some what comforting to know i have my favorite drink in a little package in my pocket.

I must pack for my day tomorrow. My room is a disaster. As usual.

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  1. holly...thanks for doing this.....will finally b able to keep up to date with where u r and what our up to......luv u xx

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