Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Windy City.

Just arrived in Chicago.
I'm here for 2 nights, 1 day.

Mike won a Grammy tonight for the Dvd we did at Madison Square Gardens.
Pretty good way to end a week.
Kill it on SNL, and win a Grammy.
I wish.

SNL was a really cool experience. Being Australian, i wasn't overly familiar with the show. I knew of it, but i don't remember ever watching it. Does it even air in Australia??
The people were really lovely and humble, and of course funny.
It seemed to be a pretty exclusive, a-list, hipster scenario.
At one point i literally ran into Courtney Love, who was hovering outside our dressing room looking ever so tragic.
She needs some vitamins.
I do love Hole though.

I was just dragged to see what was probably THE worst movie.
Don't do it.
There really wasn't a single thing about it that was good.

Listening to:

I'm a big fan of Metric. They nail it live, and this version of 'Help, I'm Alive' is beautiful.

Saturday Night Live

Friday, January 29, 2010

Latest obsession

Loree Rodkin

Bondage Ring.

Saturday Night Live

Tomorrow night we do what we came to do.
Saturday Night Live.
Buble performs with Sharon Jones as his guest. Who, i have long adored.
He's also doing a skit. Very Funny.
Make sure you see it.


Temperature - Minus 8.3 degree Celsius

Windchill - Minus 15 degrees Celsius


I officially think this is the coldest i have EVER felt.
How do people live like this? And it's New York, the city that doesn't sleep. It's not like people are at home snuggled up under a blanket on the couch drinking hot chocolates. They are out wandering the streets, holding each others bare hands, walking their dogs. Half of them barely have any clothes on.

I had to walk 3 blocks to see a show just now. I couldn't have fit another layer on.

I'm buying thermals!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a day, hey.

From start to finish, every moment of my day today made me happy.
I got up early.
Listened to my voicemail's in a NY cab on the way to Soho.
Visited Dolce and Burberry hq's. Scored some great clothes for Buble. Drooled over some amazing shoes for me.
Did a fitting with MB.
Drove to Hartford, Connecticut, listened to my ipod.
Ate a yummy salad.
Watched MB do a show. Was embarrassed and flattered when he talked about me on stage.
Drove back to NY and climbed in to my very comfy bed at my 5 star hotel.
Pretty damn good day.
For a work day.
No complaints here.

Listening to :


Greatest Hits

Kid Catastrophe chapter 4

Sad Brad Smith
(this dude has a song, 'help yourself', it was on the Up in the Air soundtrack. The lyrics are really beautiful.)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Happy Australia Day.


I love New York.
How can i not?
I never get lost in this city.
There is Starbucks chai on every corner.
No one ever talks to each other, which gives me full permission to listen to my ipod always.
And the restaurants/bars/cafe's are awesome.
And the shopping.

Beyonce, JayZ and Robbieeeeee

Cannes and the NRJ awards.
It was like a big school camp. Every superstar in the world all staying in the same hotels, all running around like excited kids.
It was exciting times.
Robbie Williams is still my favorite famous person..................
Genuine. Real. Sincere.

Has anyone heard of DJ Famous from Toronto. That guys is out of his mind.
Too much Champagne.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cannes, Jet Lag, Vertigo and Impostors.

Last minute pack. Office. Loose ends. Afternoon wine. Fly to London.

Business class. Comfy! Seen all movies. Great playlists on ipod. Headphones dead. Sleeping pill.

Arrive Nice. Drive to Cannes.

It was dark when we arrived, so didn't really see much.
This happens often in my job. And more often, you wake up and head straight to work inside all day, before heading back to the airport while dark again seeing nothing of the city you were in.

It is almost 8am. I have been awake since 4am. I am yet to look out my window at my sea view.

Jet Lag is such wasted time. You don't want to get up and do anything that requires to much thinking because you'll never get back to sleep. So instead you watch bad television, surf the net, delete old emails etc.... You feel obliged to not get up and do something constructive.

My world has slanted a little to the left this past week. Somehow.... who knows.... i got Vertigo.
Should be fun when my jet lag kicks in this afternoon.

During my obliged time wasting this morning i discovered i have an impostor. A nice lady (i think) emailed me to inform me that someone has created a bogus MB facebook page with me as the blogger. You should read some of the postings this person makes on my behalf. Really??
I did laugh a little out loud when i read the email. An impostor? haha. Does that mean i have made it?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I just walked to store and got milk and the paper. Like a normal person.
How exciting.
It felt really good.


Been awhile.

Raincouver demotivates me. Is that even a word?? It must be, it doesn't have a dotted read line under it!

I doubt anyone except for my mother reads this anyway. So Mum this is all for you.

Apart from re arranging my apt for the 100th time (its a problem i have. Obsessive furniture mover), I haven't really done anything worth telling.

I flew to LA for the day for a photo shoot. 1 day of work. Well, styling work. Everyday is work. I moan often, but i really like my gig. I'm lucky.
I get to sleep in my bed for another week before i head off to Nice for the NRJ awards, followed by some time in NY for Saturday Night Live and then LA and then back to Vancouver for the Olympics.

The buzz is really happening now. Im not really on the band wagon. I love the olympics. But i love them when they are on my TV not when they are at my front door. Should be testing times. And we all know how impatient i am.

I have cooked meals at home more than i ever have in my life. Thats kind of a big deal for me. Some would say i can't cook, (Lily and Heath) but in my wiser years i have really connected with the pots and pans. Or so i think. Hard to tell when you cook for yourself.

I guess i become a real home body when i stop traveling.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Apartment

Today I woke up in my apartment for the first time in 3 months.
My bed was uncomfortable, everything unfamiliar. It was a strange feeling wandering around not quite knowing the place.

I left the night of my birthday so i really didn't get to enjoy my gifts.
I managed to score a cute little record player. As soon as my eyes opened i had a record spinning. Music made everything okay.

My New Year's Eve

After having flown from Australia to LA the day before, my whole clock was out of wack. Funny thing was I thought I was right on top of things.
I woke in the morning. 9am
I made breakfast, I tried on all my favourite clothes I'd left behind from my travels, I sent some emails, got in the car and headed to Starbucks. Noon.
Or so I thought.
I couldn't figure out why it was so glum. Street lights were on, but it was still daylight. I figured given that it was rainy and cold people were just being cautious.
Seriously for about an hour I was driving around thinking how strange it was.
It wasn't until a friend called to say "Happy New Year" and asked what I was up too. I was like I'm going shopping, then I'm going to make some dinner and then maybe watch a friends band. He asked did I realised it was
6pm. I agured for a good while that it was only 1pm till it clicked and suddenly all made sense.
Ohhhhhhh man.
I felt so cheated!
It was the weirdest feeling. Like someone pressed fast forward on my life.


2010 ended up being a quiet one for me. Brought in with my friends Couch, HaggenDass, Vino and TV.

I guess there are two ways to welcome the New Year. Celebrate or reflect. I choose the latter.
Its been a big year for me. Spent most of my time living in LA with MB, experienced the making of his album, learning about myself in trying times. I brought a car, had a mini melt down, My daddy got sick, went through a break up, made some fun new friends, missed my old ones, furnished my apartment, saw lots of the world!
I did so much...
I always like that feeling of knowing ur just that little bit wiser than a year ago.

New years resolution

Get abs!
As in abdominal muscles. I've always wanted them. And I have a gym in my building right below my apartment. Achievable right?
Can't be too hard. I hope.