Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a day, hey.

From start to finish, every moment of my day today made me happy.
I got up early.
Listened to my voicemail's in a NY cab on the way to Soho.
Visited Dolce and Burberry hq's. Scored some great clothes for Buble. Drooled over some amazing shoes for me.
Did a fitting with MB.
Drove to Hartford, Connecticut, listened to my ipod.
Ate a yummy salad.
Watched MB do a show. Was embarrassed and flattered when he talked about me on stage.
Drove back to NY and climbed in to my very comfy bed at my 5 star hotel.
Pretty damn good day.
For a work day.
No complaints here.

Listening to :


Greatest Hits

Kid Catastrophe chapter 4

Sad Brad Smith
(this dude has a song, 'help yourself', it was on the Up in the Air soundtrack. The lyrics are really beautiful.)