Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cannes, Jet Lag, Vertigo and Impostors.

Last minute pack. Office. Loose ends. Afternoon wine. Fly to London.

Business class. Comfy! Seen all movies. Great playlists on ipod. Headphones dead. Sleeping pill.

Arrive Nice. Drive to Cannes.

It was dark when we arrived, so didn't really see much.
This happens often in my job. And more often, you wake up and head straight to work inside all day, before heading back to the airport while dark again seeing nothing of the city you were in.

It is almost 8am. I have been awake since 4am. I am yet to look out my window at my sea view.

Jet Lag is such wasted time. You don't want to get up and do anything that requires to much thinking because you'll never get back to sleep. So instead you watch bad television, surf the net, delete old emails etc.... You feel obliged to not get up and do something constructive.

My world has slanted a little to the left this past week. Somehow.... who knows.... i got Vertigo.
Should be fun when my jet lag kicks in this afternoon.

During my obliged time wasting this morning i discovered i have an impostor. A nice lady (i think) emailed me to inform me that someone has created a bogus MB facebook page with me as the blogger. You should read some of the postings this person makes on my behalf. Really??
I did laugh a little out loud when i read the email. An impostor? haha. Does that mean i have made it?

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