Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Year's Eve

After having flown from Australia to LA the day before, my whole clock was out of wack. Funny thing was I thought I was right on top of things.
I woke in the morning. 9am
I made breakfast, I tried on all my favourite clothes I'd left behind from my travels, I sent some emails, got in the car and headed to Starbucks. Noon.
Or so I thought.
I couldn't figure out why it was so glum. Street lights were on, but it was still daylight. I figured given that it was rainy and cold people were just being cautious.
Seriously for about an hour I was driving around thinking how strange it was.
It wasn't until a friend called to say "Happy New Year" and asked what I was up too. I was like I'm going shopping, then I'm going to make some dinner and then maybe watch a friends band. He asked did I realised it was
6pm. I agured for a good while that it was only 1pm till it clicked and suddenly all made sense.
Ohhhhhhh man.
I felt so cheated!
It was the weirdest feeling. Like someone pressed fast forward on my life.


2010 ended up being a quiet one for me. Brought in with my friends Couch, HaggenDass, Vino and TV.

I guess there are two ways to welcome the New Year. Celebrate or reflect. I choose the latter.
Its been a big year for me. Spent most of my time living in LA with MB, experienced the making of his album, learning about myself in trying times. I brought a car, had a mini melt down, My daddy got sick, went through a break up, made some fun new friends, missed my old ones, furnished my apartment, saw lots of the world!
I did so much...
I always like that feeling of knowing ur just that little bit wiser than a year ago.

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