Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Windy City.

Just arrived in Chicago.
I'm here for 2 nights, 1 day.

Mike won a Grammy tonight for the Dvd we did at Madison Square Gardens.
Pretty good way to end a week.
Kill it on SNL, and win a Grammy.
I wish.

SNL was a really cool experience. Being Australian, i wasn't overly familiar with the show. I knew of it, but i don't remember ever watching it. Does it even air in Australia??
The people were really lovely and humble, and of course funny.
It seemed to be a pretty exclusive, a-list, hipster scenario.
At one point i literally ran into Courtney Love, who was hovering outside our dressing room looking ever so tragic.
She needs some vitamins.
I do love Hole though.

I was just dragged to see what was probably THE worst movie.
Don't do it.
There really wasn't a single thing about it that was good.

Listening to:

I'm a big fan of Metric. They nail it live, and this version of 'Help, I'm Alive' is beautiful.

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  1. Hey I have been checking every day for a new post, and I see nothing! Keep em comin!