Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleepless in Belgium.

It has taken at least 3 hours to upload these photo's.

The internet is more temperamental than i am!!
I ended up having a fight with the guy at reception. He told me if my internet wasn't working in my room then i should go out to the hallway and see if it works.
And then what? Sit there in my underwear.

I have been laying in bed for hours trying my hardest to sleep. I have to be up at 5am.
It hard to go to sleep ready to wake up close to the time you normally go to sleep.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sing a song.

Love this song.
There are swear words.
Well, there is just one, but they use it a lot.

I owe you.

An update!!

Traveling through Europe = Shitty internet.
Its complete crapola, and when you do come across decent internet it costs a fortune!!
I like to write blogs at the end of my day all comfy in my hotel bed. Can't do that if the internet isn't on my team.

This has felt like a long tour leg for some.
Me. Not at all.
I am loving it.
Europe is still fairly new to me. Last time i was here it was so friggen cold everywhere i barely stepped outside in fear of my face turning to ice.

This time the sun has graced me often with it's presence.
I wore a skirt in Verona.
I rolled my sleeves up while people watching in Paris.
I laid on the grass and sun baked in Munich

Today i am in Berlin, and it's not so sunny. But thats okay. I had a wonderful day anyway.
I went thrift shopping.
It was the biggest, bestest, thrift store ever. I had to pee soon after walking through the doors. That happens when i am excited.

I have has so many favorite parts of the tour they all deserve a blog of their own.
I'll get on to it. Photos too!

Be jealous.

Yes, now is the time!
I am the new proud owner of two very beautiful handbags.
Suck it!

I have the best job in the world. (Tomorrow could be a different story)
Or maybe i have the best boss in the world. (Again, tomorrow could also be a different story, hahaha)

I am happy.
And incredibly grateful.
Today two years ago was the official day my life changed. It was in Canberra, Australia.
I often think back to my younger years and wonder WTF.
I always thought bigger things were possible if you worked hard at achieving them, but my life now is more than i ever dreamed of.
It is worlds away from my comfy little life in Tasmania.

I love my family for helping me believe.

Oh how soppy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh bugger. I remember.

I have a new nickname.
Thats right.

Guess it hasn't stuck yet.

It's 'Pepper Pots'.

This come from the boss. He loved the new Iron Man movie, which i am yet to see. He tells me Pepper Pots is a good name to have. Apparently i need to watch the movie and i'll understand.
And he also says aside from Iron Man, 'Pepper' is perfect for me. It says spicy.
I think i like.

Losing my mind.

I had an idea for a blog.
However, by the time the page loaded i had completely forgotten.
I think it might be old age.
It couldn't be the glass of wine i just drank in a matter of minutes.

My holiday.

After 7 months of promo, 6 weeks of touring and a hellish Juno's experience, I decided it would be a good idea to go into hidden.
It was almost at the point of permanent hiding. A small room in a mental institution.
Peaceful as they may have sounded, it wouldn't have paid the bills.
So holiday on my lonesome is was.

I needed to spend some time hanging with just me.
I often forget to sit down and ask myself "how are you doing", "are you finding things to smile about?", "are you happy".....
Sometimes i don't even listen to music for weeks.
Crikey, thats the souls fuel.

I spent a week in Toronto.
Didn't speak to anyone for the 3 days.
Barely looked at my phone.

The very first morning i woke up to the sound of Street Cars/Trams. I felt like i was home.
Toronto is very much like Melbourne and i love every second of being there.

I rode the trams to know where.
I walked up and down the streets and shopped in vintage stores and cute boutiques.
I sat in the park and read.
I sat in cafes drinking coffee and writing in my journal.
I played my guitar.
I listened to jazz, drank red wine and danced around the room.

The first 4 nights i stayed at a really cool hotel.
The last few nights i stayed with my wonderful friends Steve and Seamus and puppy Rhys. They were so loving. I didn't want to leave.

I didn't take my camera out with me.
I was done being a tourist for a while.

The room i made messy very quickly. I didn't make my bed once.

All my shoes i made fit in my suitcase.

Not the greatest view. But there was vibe.

My lovely.

This is my dear friend Ineke.
I mentioned a while back that she was visiting from back home.
She's gone to be all clever like and study law in Italy.
Hmmmm. Who thought i could be friends with smart people.
I miss.

This was from a night out in Seattle.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I forgot to include a really important Aussie word.
Blunnies - Short for Blundstone Boots.

Im sure you non Aussies are familiar. I find they are far more popular in the states/Canada than they are back home.

Recently when i was in San Francisco i saw a girl wearing them.
Dirt and all.

Aussie lingo

I love that look i get most times when i talk to people. Takes just a second to realise it's because im Australian. And i spell realize as realise because thats how Aussies do it.

I have noted some words and their meanings that you should know if you know me.
Learn 'em!

Crack onto (someone) - To hit on someone

Crook - Sick

Dag - Goof / Dork

Bogan - Redneck

Dipstick - Idiot

Esky - Cooler

On the grog - Drinking alcohol

Milk bar - Corner store

Perve - Checking someone out

Pigs arse - Bullshit

Rack off - Get lost

You little ripper - Reaction to good news

Root/ rooted - Shag or shagged.

Shelia- Woman, Generaly a bogan (My Assistant is named Shelia. hehe)

Snag - Sausage

Togs- Swimmers

Ute - utily vechile/truck

Tinnies - Cans of beer

Crack it - Hissy fit

Monday, May 3, 2010


Two nights in a row.
I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

London Town.

So I am in London.
Back at it.
I have already ruined a pair of boots. I always have the best intentions of dressing like lady when i start a new tour leg.
AND then... last night happens. Pouring rain, beautiful suede boots not waterproofed. Pftt. Who waterproofs their shoes??

I am staying at my favourite hotel in the entire world.
This photo reminds me of the last time i was here. My ever so eccentric and special friends Lottie and James were traveling through town, and we had a sleep over in my room. Prior to the sleepover we partied in Madonna's bathroom.
Sounds like i'm cool right?
Not really.
She had a room ( and i mean a F - off suite) for press in the same hotel. Thanks to my friends who work with her James was able to steal her fresh flowers and do a quick shoot in her tub.

I am working on uploading some photos for you and will fill you in on my down time when i am not too busy strolling the streets of Soho, drinking coffee at Flat White and inhaling Indian food.