Sunday, May 9, 2010

My holiday.

After 7 months of promo, 6 weeks of touring and a hellish Juno's experience, I decided it would be a good idea to go into hidden.
It was almost at the point of permanent hiding. A small room in a mental institution.
Peaceful as they may have sounded, it wouldn't have paid the bills.
So holiday on my lonesome is was.

I needed to spend some time hanging with just me.
I often forget to sit down and ask myself "how are you doing", "are you finding things to smile about?", "are you happy".....
Sometimes i don't even listen to music for weeks.
Crikey, thats the souls fuel.

I spent a week in Toronto.
Didn't speak to anyone for the 3 days.
Barely looked at my phone.

The very first morning i woke up to the sound of Street Cars/Trams. I felt like i was home.
Toronto is very much like Melbourne and i love every second of being there.

I rode the trams to know where.
I walked up and down the streets and shopped in vintage stores and cute boutiques.
I sat in the park and read.
I sat in cafes drinking coffee and writing in my journal.
I played my guitar.
I listened to jazz, drank red wine and danced around the room.

The first 4 nights i stayed at a really cool hotel.
The last few nights i stayed with my wonderful friends Steve and Seamus and puppy Rhys. They were so loving. I didn't want to leave.

I didn't take my camera out with me.
I was done being a tourist for a while.

The room i made messy very quickly. I didn't make my bed once.

All my shoes i made fit in my suitcase.

Not the greatest view. But there was vibe.


  1. I understand what you mean about being on your own, Holly. I often travel alone to just be. It is quite peaceful actually. Thanks for sharing the pics. Toronto is one of my very favorite cities too.

  2. I love visiting Toronto (but would never want to live there). I used to live about two hours from that city.