Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be jealous.

Yes, now is the time!
I am the new proud owner of two very beautiful handbags.
Suck it!

I have the best job in the world. (Tomorrow could be a different story)
Or maybe i have the best boss in the world. (Again, tomorrow could also be a different story, hahaha)

I am happy.
And incredibly grateful.
Today two years ago was the official day my life changed. It was in Canberra, Australia.
I often think back to my younger years and wonder WTF.
I always thought bigger things were possible if you worked hard at achieving them, but my life now is more than i ever dreamed of.
It is worlds away from my comfy little life in Tasmania.

I love my family for helping me believe.

Oh how soppy.


  1. not soppy @ all....and we always knew u were bound for great things.....luv u too...xx

  2. That's a beautiful, grateful statment spoken by a wise,smart, hard working woman! YOU did this... Be proud of yourself for what you have achieved, there are a lot of people cheering for you!I bet your Mom and Dad are smiling right now...I enjoy your sharing it with us.

  3. So awesome that your life had become in such an amazing dream :) For sure you deserve what you've got, XoXo!!