Sunday, May 2, 2010

London Town.

So I am in London.
Back at it.
I have already ruined a pair of boots. I always have the best intentions of dressing like lady when i start a new tour leg.
AND then... last night happens. Pouring rain, beautiful suede boots not waterproofed. Pftt. Who waterproofs their shoes??

I am staying at my favourite hotel in the entire world.
This photo reminds me of the last time i was here. My ever so eccentric and special friends Lottie and James were traveling through town, and we had a sleep over in my room. Prior to the sleepover we partied in Madonna's bathroom.
Sounds like i'm cool right?
Not really.
She had a room ( and i mean a F - off suite) for press in the same hotel. Thanks to my friends who work with her James was able to steal her fresh flowers and do a quick shoot in her tub.

I am working on uploading some photos for you and will fill you in on my down time when i am not too busy strolling the streets of Soho, drinking coffee at Flat White and inhaling Indian food.

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