Thursday, May 27, 2010

I owe you.

An update!!

Traveling through Europe = Shitty internet.
Its complete crapola, and when you do come across decent internet it costs a fortune!!
I like to write blogs at the end of my day all comfy in my hotel bed. Can't do that if the internet isn't on my team.

This has felt like a long tour leg for some.
Me. Not at all.
I am loving it.
Europe is still fairly new to me. Last time i was here it was so friggen cold everywhere i barely stepped outside in fear of my face turning to ice.

This time the sun has graced me often with it's presence.
I wore a skirt in Verona.
I rolled my sleeves up while people watching in Paris.
I laid on the grass and sun baked in Munich

Today i am in Berlin, and it's not so sunny. But thats okay. I had a wonderful day anyway.
I went thrift shopping.
It was the biggest, bestest, thrift store ever. I had to pee soon after walking through the doors. That happens when i am excited.

I have has so many favorite parts of the tour they all deserve a blog of their own.
I'll get on to it. Photos too!

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