Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aussie lingo

I love that look i get most times when i talk to people. Takes just a second to realise it's because im Australian. And i spell realize as realise because thats how Aussies do it.

I have noted some words and their meanings that you should know if you know me.
Learn 'em!

Crack onto (someone) - To hit on someone

Crook - Sick

Dag - Goof / Dork

Bogan - Redneck

Dipstick - Idiot

Esky - Cooler

On the grog - Drinking alcohol

Milk bar - Corner store

Perve - Checking someone out

Pigs arse - Bullshit

Rack off - Get lost

You little ripper - Reaction to good news

Root/ rooted - Shag or shagged.

Shelia- Woman, Generaly a bogan (My Assistant is named Shelia. hehe)

Snag - Sausage

Togs- Swimmers

Ute - utily vechile/truck

Tinnies - Cans of beer

Crack it - Hissy fit

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  1. Well I have no problem understanding them....but when u look, some of them r quite funny.......