Thursday, April 14, 2011

Horse riding in Argentina

Even though i still have sores on my butt from the this day, i loved every moment of it.

We rode for 5 hours through Argentina countryside.
I learnt to ride a different style to what i am used too and i cantered with no hands, all while looking completely ridiculous in the hat i had to wear.

Apparently fashion doesn't matter in the middle of nowhere.
Should i know that already?

My dad was jockey when i was kid. I thought he was so cool. He let me go with him to the stables before school. It was early...... he'd wake me up and make me drink a glass of milk, which i hated, but i really wanted to go with him so i drank it.

I haven't ridden in about 10 years, but riding a horse is the one skill that only my dad taught me to do. I always feel really connected to him when i am riding. I am really thankful to have that as the future unfolds.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011