Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Been awhile.

Raincouver demotivates me. Is that even a word?? It must be, it doesn't have a dotted read line under it!

I doubt anyone except for my mother reads this anyway. So Mum this is all for you.

Apart from re arranging my apt for the 100th time (its a problem i have. Obsessive furniture mover), I haven't really done anything worth telling.

I flew to LA for the day for a photo shoot. 1 day of work. Well, styling work. Everyday is work. I moan often, but i really like my gig. I'm lucky.
I get to sleep in my bed for another week before i head off to Nice for the NRJ awards, followed by some time in NY for Saturday Night Live and then LA and then back to Vancouver for the Olympics.

The buzz is really happening now. Im not really on the band wagon. I love the olympics. But i love them when they are on my TV not when they are at my front door. Should be testing times. And we all know how impatient i am.

I have cooked meals at home more than i ever have in my life. Thats kind of a big deal for me. Some would say i can't cook, (Lily and Heath) but in my wiser years i have really connected with the pots and pans. Or so i think. Hard to tell when you cook for yourself.

I guess i become a real home body when i stop traveling.


  1. mum thanks u for the update...and i'm sure i'm not the only one who follows this......x

  2. I read as well.....maybe you could make some soup and deliver it to my house..."meals on wheels"....

  3. I look everyday for posts! I love your updates!! I love your cooking too! Im with you Craig...soup soup my door!