Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burnt nose hairs.....

Too much wasabi.....
I'm learning to love sushi again, which makes me happy. At some point in the last year i O.D on it. I blame in on the fact i live in Vancouver and the sushi is so damn good.

I survived the snowy roads last night on the bus.
I arrived this morning in Portland sleepy and hungover.

I haven't really been on the drinking train in the last 6 months, so i guess those few too many glasses of wine hit me harder than usual.
I was nervous about sleeping because of the crappy weather we were driving in. I figured a little wine and a sleeping pill would help.

It did. It just hurt a little.

It's easter weekend in Australia.
My family are having our traditional Good Friday lunch. I always remember this time as a kid, because i thought it sucked that i couldn't eat meat. One particular year i accidently did and i felt really bad. Im not religious but my family alway followed this tradition.
I hope my Mum isn't cooking that stinky cod fish.
Eww. I hated that. Sorry Mum.
I wish i was there. I'll miss not waking up to my Cadbury Crunchie Bunny.


  1. well holly....i did cook that stinky fish.....
    and yes i have bought everyone cadbury crunchie eggs......i wonder if easter bunny will bring me an egg.......
    hope your easter is fun

  2. What a very sweet memory you have, Holly. It seems we always remember home and family the most when we are away from them, yes? I wish you a very Happy Easter and all the Cadbury Crunchie Bunnies you can eat!

  3. Yes I too remember that stinky smoked cod with white sauce. I refused to eat it when I was a kid & would not bring it into the house now. Have a very happy easter Holly and I am sure there is an equivalent to a Cadbury Crunchie Bunny where you are.

  4. Happy Easter Holly! I just bought some Cadbury today myself. It must be hard to be away from home for so long. Love your blog.

  5. its okay....I'm sending u a Cadbury Crunchie Bunny....not sure what condition he'll b in when he gets there though..........

  6. That's a lovely memory.I hope your Easter on the road will be fun too. I love Cadbury too, they have to be a part of Easter,haven't seen the bunnie around Boston, but we have plenty of eggs etc.They are my favorite....enjoy your Sunday.