Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Un- Happy easter...... :(

I thought i was being clever staying an extra night in Seattle and fly to San Francisco today.
Turns out i was wrong.
Of course the plane got delayed, duh Holly. I mean the airport is the perfect place to spend your Easter Sunday when you miss your family.

On top of that yesterday I lost all of my phone numbers, so I can't make any calls.

Thankfully I am flying with a work mate.
She's having a worse day than i am. Sick little love.

No eggs. Not a single egg.


  1. sorry that u got no eggs.....have some on the way to u........

  2. Well, at least you missed the earthquake, just by a few days... that's something! I will talk the the E bunny and put in a good word for you! Maybe you will get an egg in L.A.!!!