Monday, August 9, 2010

Paul McCartney

Honestly i am speechless.
Words can not describe the experience i had meeting him.
He read my journal, touched my hair. Totally flirted with me.

The guys is pretty smoking for a 68 year old.
I will remember the moment forever.

The show was a total religious experience. People were beside themselves. I have never felt more love and respect in one room. Blew me away.


  1. Very Cool - wanted more of the video.. yes, one lucky girl to get to experience these things - its a real big deal.. keep them coming Holly!

  2. So very exciting Holly..what can I say Paul McCartney... is PAUL MCCARTNEY...that's it! Wow! I was so excited for you! In 1964 the Beatles hit America and music changed overnight forever,I was 15,I remember it so well. ...must have been a pretty fantastic night! Thanks for sharing it with us! Wendy