Sunday, August 15, 2010

Calgary. Home soon. Kinda.

Note to self.
Calgary is full of men similar to that of the Australian man. Don't leave your hotel on your own wearing heels and a short jumpsuit.

I haven't blogged because i am lazy. I haven't blogged because i have been busy. Really busy.
I have come to terms with the fact that i may just be busy for the rest of my life.
Im okay with it. I like my life. I like being busy.

The last month has been a total blur. I was in Vancouver very briefly before heading to Australia very briefly.
And then it was straight in to full blown busy as shit work mode with my favourite lingering feeling. Jet Lag.
For those of you who have never had it. You're lucky.
And for those of you who have had it and have gotten to lay on the beach for the week it takes you to get over it. Eff you!!

We are touring MB's homeland so there is a lot to do during my days. This is the first opportunity i have had to shut my door, wear my bathrobe, watch bad TV, listen to my music and stuff my face with junk.

I should call my Mum!!!!!

We have a day off tomorrow. I am going to go bike riding.
Soon i will sleep in my own bed for a few nights and it will be wonderful!

ps. 'Scott Pilgrim V's the World', is the worst movie ever. Both MB and i fell asleep.
pps. I love Tom Waits.

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  1. Holly -
    I did not like SP either and I'm not suprised you and MB napped. You both work "kind of late" lol and with the Wii bus wars -- gezze I probably would have taken the chance to nap then too!
    Thanks again for giving us this glimpse from "your eyes" about your life with MB. Please know that this fan truly appreciates how you help us "see him" eveyday.
    lisalovesbuble on Twitter