Monday, June 7, 2010

Vancouver. Rain. Sun. Music and treats.

Home time for Holly.
It always feels strange for me to come 'home' to Vancouver.
I hear everyone on the tour talking about how they are going home and to their families, and homes, and gardens....
Me, I come home to my wardrobe.
It sure is fun.
But i do wish that i was going home to Australia when everyone else goes home.

Day 1.
Outfit number 1.
High heels + underwear + dressing gown + straw hat.
ahh random.

Outfit number 2.
Wide leg crazy 70's jeans + tank
mmm fairly normal.

Day 2.
Outfit number 1.
Leggings + old man tee.
Outfit number 2
More heels, with socks + stripy loud Vintage shirt + shorts.
Outfit number 3
Black boots + back pants + black lace cropped cap sleeve top
Outfit Number 4
black stockings + skorts.
Outfit number 5
Grey wool school pant + mesh shirt.


All day.
It gives me a head ache.
I dress up.
I dress down.
I change my mind, i change it back.
If you could only know how hard it is to be me in the morning. One outfit. Why is that so hard for me.

I don't know why, but having the right outfit becomes so important to me when i am home. Even if its my chilled out look. I still feel the need to style myself 'chilled out'.
I barely left the house on day one and two.
Who am i?

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