Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Future Reference

Things is learnt on the Europe tour leg for my brain bank.

1. Drinking hurts your head.

2. 19 pairs of shoes and 6 handbags in a suit case is too many.

3. Don't send your laundry out in Switzerland. 80 euros is too much for clean underwear.

4. BYO gluten free food in Germany. Sausages and Beer won't cut it.

5. Wear jeans in Italy.

6. Always take a map from the front desk.

7. Don't plan for a truck stop burger. They don't exist.

8. Brace yourself at all time while on moving bus. Bruises are not attractive. Especially between your eyes.

9. Just because your in Paris doesn't mean you have to walk the entire city in heels just to look pretty.

10. Worse thing about not having a boyfriend on the road is trying to do up my suitcase everyday on my own.

11. If you don't want to inhale cigarette smoke while eating, don't eat.

12. Bus dance parties are amazing and dangerous.

13. Tyrpp hotel in Oberhaussen is weird.

14. A flip camera is golden.

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