Friday, March 26, 2010

Wii bus battles.

In the beginning i sucked.
Buble yelled at me for not caring enough. And it was true, who gives......
I was the shittest player.
Then i was the ringer. We have to play 2 on 3 so i keep jumping teams.

Now, i'm killing it.
You wouldn't want to face one on my pitches.
I figured if i was gonna have to play this every night they i may as well learn how to be good at it.

It began with baseball and now we're onto basketball.
I may need to have shoulder surgery before the end of the tour, but i am much happier kicking arse!

Meet my team mates.

Nicky V.




  1. ha this is funny......very good likeness of u all.....wheres 'the boob'

  2. If you need tips on basketball, let me know. I was always All-star and played center... once scored 66 points for my team. I'm here for ya! Most importantly, ENJOY!!!

  3. I want to play!! i am so good! We can hook up on line when you are on the bus!