Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things happen for a reason..... right Mr Cab Driver??

That's what i kept telling myself today anyway.

I surprised myself today with my calmness in this particularly testing situation.
Being impatient is something i am really good at, and today could have been the perfect time for my colors to shine....

I had a show day off. Not a day off, just not a show day.

After getting to the hotel @ 4am, and being woken by the sound of my floor thumping to music of the worst kind @ 9.30am, i thought i may as well get out of the hotel.

I am in Florida and the weather is shit, so really there was nothing else to do but work, so i went shopping for Buble.
That all went well.

I put all of my shopping in the trunk of the cab and closed it, said goodbye to the person helping me, and discovered that Mr cab driver had locked the keys in the ignition while the car was still running.

An hour and 15 mins later........................
I felt terrible for the guy. Who spoke barely any English, which surprisingly helped to keep my calm.

I wasn't meant to be in that cab at that time for whatever reason.
It must be so.


  1. You are funny in a nice way & we all enjoy your little stories

  2. I was COMPLETELY bored at work today and was literally trolling the internet for something to entertian me. And you're it. You rock. Thanks. And I'm a personal assistant too, so even better. -Sue in Orlando