Monday, March 22, 2010

A sleepless night for a little leather

After a sleepless night (overwhelming anxiety), i decided to do it.
I spent a lot of dosh on a very lovely piece of Prada!

After getting it to my hotel, taking it out of it's pretty ribbon tied packaging i decided to take it on it's first adventure.
To the supermarket.
A rainy day in NYC.
Pouring buckets.

By the time i got back i had already managed to scratch it and get it soaking wet.
I did my best to protect it. Sacrificing my hair for the handbag.
It's normal to carry your umbrella over your handbag and not your head right?

Who goes to the supermarket in NYC anyways?


  1. ha....thats funny,u have a problem, u earn too much

  2. Holly,I'm a Vera Bradley nut,feel the same way, it was pouring in Boston last week and I was worried about my purse getting wet,(it's cloth)....I'm crazy I guess!:-)enjoy that little piece of heaven...
    PS.You guys rocked Worcester!