Saturday, January 15, 2011


So i am lazy.

Quickly here's where i am at.

Christmas was insane. I think thats the case for most people.

I loved being in my apartment.

I went to Toronto for a week. Barely left my hotel room. I slept so much. Saw some lovely old friends.

New Years was perfect. Dinner, wine and great new friends.

Went to Barbados. Took a while to figure out i didn't have to keep checking my phone. Got a tan.

Dealt with crazy flight changes, got stuck in Toronto for 8 hours trying to get from Barbados to LA.

Made it to LA.

Trying to eat healthy.

Killing MB in cribbage.

Spending my days in the studio with MB. Losing my tan.

Looking forward to heading back to my country.

REALLY SAD, about the floods in my homeland. HEARTBREAKING.


  1. awesome updates Holly thanks for sharing! One more thing we have in common I love cribbage too - seriously you need to come to my house someday -- Wii baseball and cribbage!

    Sundae :)

  2. Thanks Holly - be safe have fun and don't leave us hanging, we have missed you now since your a twitterer now! - I just got "Caught in the Act", I go backwards with the DVDs! - Tell that boy he's just too cute, now Im hooked on that one!