Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm braggin'

Yes this is me.
Yes this is MB.
Yes this is Paul McCartney.
And yes, he is reading my journal,
And yes i was horrified.


  1. I wouldn't doubt that MB got ahold of that and was the one who gave it to him...

  2. That photo is a TREASURE! Awesome!

  3. That's very funny. A moment you will have forever. Do tell though....what was written in there!!

  4. Holly, just the picture itself says a thousand words even if you didnt tell us what was happening! Loved to have been the fly on the wall that day!

  5. You are the luckiest girl on earth! I would die to be next to MB for at least 1 minute but instead I will die without having up close...I will have to settle with seeing him at his concerts :)

  6. OMG!! That's the most amazing thing EVER! What did you say? What did he say to you?

    I met Ringo last year but THAT is pretty amazing, Holly. Thank you for sharing.

    (I'll have to find my Ringo link. ;) )